Green Stadium Partners


Following the Soldier Field renovation and reopening in 2003, the implementation of many energy conservation and recycling programs were implemented along with the use of green cleaning chemicals and the reuse of materials (i.e. the soil removed from Soldier Field during a re-sodding is now being used in landscape projects along with being placed back in the fields where sod is harvested).

SMG, Soldier Field’s stadium management company, has paved the way to making the stadium one of the "greenest" stadiums in the world. We encourage and facilitate participation by patrons in the stadium’s greening initiatives to take an active role in reducing its carbon footprint. SMG is consistently implementing energy conservation measures that are beneficial to consumers and the stadium’s bottom line. Enhancements at Soldier Field including the addition of electric vehicle charging stations in the North Parking Garage, replacing traditional lighting with energy saving LED lighting on the historic columns and throughout the stadium its garages are among just some of the ways of reducing its carbon footprint.

All of this is not possible without the assistance from our stadium partners and vendors. Dyson and Soldier Field partnered together to replace the existing paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms within the United Club with Dyson hand-dryers. The eventual savings for Soldier Field and the environment were enormous. Watch and see!