Image Use & Trademark

Soldier Field Use for Commercial Purposes & Image Trademark


Trademark and Commercial Use
All rights and uses to Soldier Field have been Trademarked with the U.S. Patent Office. Soldier Field reserves all rights to the Soldier Field name, image, and likeness. Any reproduction or use without prior consent and permit by Soldier Field violates trademark laws.

Commercial Advertising
Soldier Field welcomes inquiries for commercial use of its name, images, likeness and logos. Any company or individual desiring to use these for commercial purposes or for profit will require prior approval from Soldier Field. Pricing is based on the number of usages, type of usage, and length of time of usage. The base cost of using the Soldier Field image is $5,000 per usage (print campaign, radio ad campaign, broadcast, etc).

Film & TV Production
Soldier Field has worked with many broadcast productions, both small and large, in filming various pieces staged at the stadium (inside and outside). Pricing varies based on intended use and areas of stadium used for filming.

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