LEED Certified Green Building


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

On December 1st, 2011 Soldier Field completed a rigorous certification and application process with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and was awarded LEED – EB Certification. Soldier Field is the first existing NFL stadium to receive this prestigious distinction.

Following the renovation and reopening of Soldier Field in 2003, the Chicago Park District made it a goal to improve performance and efficiency while also reducing our carbon footprint. Through programs that promoted lowering operating costs, conserving energy and water, and reducing waste and harmful greenhouse gas emissions, Soldier Field met these environmentally conscious goals to provide a healthier and safer building for occupants.

Programs implemented to decrease the negative environmental impact of Soldier Field include the following:

  • Reusing of all soil & sod removed from the playing field during re-sodding and repurposing for landscape projects.
  • Using green cleaning chemicals and products all throughout the facility.
  • Reusing of all containers & bottles used for green cleaning chemicals and products through container refill stations.
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles in the North Parking Garage that are free to the public.
  • Replacing traditional lighting with energy saving LED lights including the lighting on the historic colonnades.
  • Recycling of all aluminum with Soldier Field's 30-yard aluminum compactor.
  • Recycling of all cardboard with Soldier Field's cardboard bailer.
  • Recycling of all delivery pallets.
  • Recycling of all plastic bottles in a 30-yard open-top dumpster on event days and special plastic pick-ups on non-event days.
  • Recycling of office paper.
  • Recycling of glass.
  • Recycling of all light bulbs and batteries.
  • Recycling of all lost cell phones and eye glasses.
  • Recycling of all toner cartridges from office printers and fax machines.

In addition, the stadium partnered with Soldier Field's primary tenant, the Chicago Bears to provide education through public service announcements and appearances.  Only by educating and offering opportunities for staff and patrons to reduce, reuse and recycle while visiting the stadium and parkland can we make a more positive impact on our community.

With the LEED-EB Certification, Soldier Field is honored to be recognized by the USGBC as a leader in this effort in the United States and around the globe.

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