Private Parking Reservations

Private parking reservations can be booked by contacting Melissa Martin at  There are only two options to choose from when booking a private parking reservation.  There are no exceptions with either option.  

Please note that all rates are subject to change.   

OPTION 1:  BUYOUT – This will allow the client to pay for guests parking.  This can be done by purchasing a minimum of 100 spaces.  If more than 100 spaces are needed then client needs to purchase 150 spaces.  After 150 spaces then client can purchase in increments of 50.  If 100 or 150 spaces are purchased ,then client needs to pay a $75 attendant fee (4 hours).  If client is having a Valet Service then no attendant is needed.

FEE:      $2,200.00 (Parking Lot – 100 spaces for 12 hours or less)
             $3,300.00 (Parking Lot – 150 spaces for 12 hours or less)
             $75.00   (Attendant for 4 hours)
             $4,400.00 (Parking Lot – 200 spaces - attendant included)
*The attendant fee is waived after 200 spaces or more are purchased..

If client chooses Option 1, payment is due in full one month prior to event (rental).
If client wants Valet Service, client must use either Sam’s Valet or Sidney’s Valet.  No attendant is needed as the valet is responsible for the lot.  

You can reach Sam’s Valet at (773) 525-0026.
You can reach Sidney’s Valet at (847) 615-0800

You may not utilize both a valet service and attendant with Option 1.  You must use ONE or the OTHER.  

OPTION 2:  GUEST PAY THEIR OWN PARKING FEE —Client needs to pay $75.00  for an attendant (4 hours) to open and operate lot.  Guests will then pay their own parking fee.  Valet is not an option (only with option 1).

Payment is due in full 30 days prior to event.

Evening Rate = $22.00 (12 hours or less)
Overnight Rate= $22.00 (12 hours or less)
12 or more hours: $41.00
Available Lots:
East Lot: 125 spaces
North Garage: 2500 space
NOTE: All rates are subject to change.

Private Gameday Tailgate Area
The exclusive gameday tailgate area is the ultimate playground for the tailgate fan. Located in the Adler Planetarium parking lot, this is the perfect spot for your private tailgating experience to entertain clients and/or friends. This exclusive area is fenced in and can hold approximately 100+ people, and is available to rent to the general public on all major event days. Click Here for more details