Stadium Sponsorship

Below is a brief listing of seasonal or year-round sponsorship opportunities available at Soldier Field. Packages are customized to suit any particular promotional or budgetary need.

  • "Exclusive" and "Official" designation as a Sponsor of Soldier Field.
  • Naming rights or sponsorship of various special events and festival programs. Please see Event Sponsorship Opportunities page.
  • Corporate branding in designated areas of Soldier Field - parkland, garages, uniforms, website, etc. CLICK HERE if you would like to learn more about advertising within the North Parking Garage - the main parking area for the Museum Campus and for stadium events.  
  • Opportunity to host hospitality or other special events within Soldier Field or the surrounding parkland.
  • *Opportunity to use the esteemed name and iconic image of Soldier Field.
  • Opportunity to shoot commercials or photograph Soldier Field and use in advertising.
  • Opportunity to operate promotional campaigns on event days.

* Soldier Field reserves all rights to the Soldier Field name, image, and likeness. Any reproduction or use without prior consent by Soldier Field violates trademark laws.

For more information, please contact Luca Serra 312.235.7149 -